Dual motor unison control

We are desiging a new device that requires two motors that can not be be connected mechanically but must operate in unison. Should one slow down because of torque requirement the other must match the speed exactly.
We are currently working with a wiper motor manufacturer that can supply the the perfect motor for us but need to find a solution for the controller.
The motor is 24volt 8nm 52RPM andhas an encoder providing 91 pulses per revolution.
Have seen similar apllications on Youtube and beleive they reconfigured wiper motor into servo?
Need help to determine best path to take, possible names of people/companies to contact


Do you need closed-loop speed control or position control? Also, do you have a datasheet for your motor? What is its stall current?

- Ryan

Hello Ryan,

we are looking for position control
1Datasheet_405_033.pdf (137 KB)

Do you already have one of the motors? Can you measure the stall current? Unless the application is particularly safe from stalling, we usually recommend people get motor controllers/drivers that can continuously output the stall current of their motor.

Do you want to support continuous rotation with the closed-loop position control? Take a look at the RoboClaw motor controllers. They can process encoders and might work for your application. Depending on how good you need it to be, you might have to implement the closed-loop position control on your microcontroller.

- Ryan

The stall amperage measures 18. I would like to include current sensing into the system so that the motor never reaches this and ensure torque is maintained at a safe level for our system.

Do you want to support continuous rotation with the closed-loop position control?

how does a Master/slave configuration work and would this work in our situation?

Are you asking about the RoboClaw “slave select” feature? That is only used when multiple RoboClaw controllers are on the same bus. Have you looked at the RoboClaw datasheets?

- Ryan