Dual Motor Controller

I am currently using the 12v12 to learn and build a primary proof of concept. However future design revisions/upgrades will include a need to drive a second motor. Do you currently have a controller that is illiterate user friendly :wink: like the 12v12, but capable of running a second motor as well? The 12v12 fits the current needs of my primary motor, so a controller that can handle 12-15amps is necessary for the primary motor. The secondary motor won’t need nearly as much current I figure as it will be pushing less weight.

The setup will involve the primary motor driving a 50lb weight 6-8inches in less than 2 seconds. The secondary motor will need to run at same time as primary and drive a 5-8lb weight 1-2 inches in less than 2 seconds. Any controller options that can do this on a basic level without much programming knowledge?


I guess you understand that you could simply get a second jrk. Some other controllers you could consider are the qik 2s12v10 and the TReX - but neither of these have USB or feedback. Are those features important to you?

By the way, unless you are doing something special, the amount of current that you need depends on the motor, not on the weight. You should try to use a controller capable of supplying the stall current of your motor continuously, so that you will not break it when starting a motion or if something gets temporarily stuck.