Dual Low Voltage shuts down when connected to Motor Battery

I’ve had it working for more than a few seconds, but almost always, the motor controller shuts down when connected to the motor battery. The lights indicating that it is driving motors go out and it requires a reset to turn on again.

If the motor battery (4 AA’s) is connected at startup, it initializes then turns off.

I’m using an Arduino and have the correct serial communication, I know that the problem is due to the battery connection.

Any insight that you guys have in to some sort of auto shut down would be great, thanks.

Some new information, I’ve gotten the motors to turn on and off in rapid secession, they are only on for the same amount of time as before, but the controller is not shutting down anymore. They are only on for a few milliseconds each time they are sent the correct commands.

If I were able to make them stay on, it would work perfectly.


What you are describing is indicative of a noise problem, where glitches on your power supply (or maybe a line like reset) is causing your motor controller to reset. You’re saying the problem happens when the motor battery is connected, but does it still happen when the motor battery is connected and the motors are not connected? If you try to do some basic things to reduce noise problems (short wires, power wires away from signal, extra caps on power supplies, etc.) and you still have the problem, please provide more details about how you have things hooked up and maybe post a picture so we can see if your arrangement is reasonable.

- Jan

Thanks for the quick reply, I’m going to shorten the wires then try the double cap setup shown in the documentation, thanks! I’ll report back tonight with the results.

It is the motors, I’m working on them now, maybe my wire was too thin.

what capacitor should I put with the motor power supply?

should have posted here last week, shortened all wires, not sure what cap to put in, i’ve got a mixed bag and none of them cause the motors to move (though it does not shut off).

I fixed it, it needed an electrolytic cap on the reset line, thanks for all your help, I suggest adding this to the documentation.