DRV8833 Sense resistor

I have a question regarding the polulu drv8833.
I want to measure the current to a motor, and stop it when it get stalled.
I read that I need to cut some cut some breakpoints.
Other then that, I need to choose a specific value for the resistor placed there. How do I choose the value? based on what?
And how to I caluclate the current, from the voltage I measure (In arduino, for example) in the xISEN pin’s with that resistor?

Sorry for the bad English and thank you for your help!


The voltages on those pins is way too low to be useful for current sensing. Those resistors are meant to set a maximum current cutoff, not for a current sense feature. You can see more about those resistor values in the “Current Control” section of the"Texas Instruments DRV8833 motor driver datasheet"

To disable the outputs of the driver during a stall condition you could set the current limit to something below the stall current of your motor.


Hey Derrill
Thank you for you’r replay. So there is no way I can measure the current running through the motor with the drv8833?


Hello, Idan.

As Derrill stated, the current sense resistor on that driver is used to set the maximum current cutoff. If you are trying to measure the current of your motor, it would be more practical to use a dedicated current sensor.