DRV8825 problem

Hello! I just built a simple camera slider with Nema 17 motor and A4988 driver. The power supply is a 12V battery. It is working fine. In the meantime I ordered 3 DRV8825 drivers from eBay from 3 different sellers and none of them is working. Of course I started with Vref measurement and setting and I contacted the sleep and reset pins to 5V, while with A4988 they are connected to each other. Sometimes the motor sounds like if it is spinning, it is increasing and decreasing the speed as it should but the axis is not moving, only the sound is similar. After this the motor doesn’t have any sound at all. After some time the sound comes again if I power up the electronics but the motor is still not spinning. When I put back the A4988 and connect the rst and sleep pins then the machine is working fine.
Is it possible that all of the drivers are bad or am I doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance!


We do not have any authorized eBay resale channels, so the DRV8825 drivers you have are probably knockoffs and not manufactured by us. That makes it difficult to say for sure what might be causing the problem, and we cannot help you troubleshoot it since they are likely different than ours.

If you want to try a genuine Pololu DRV8825, then you can find them on our website, or you can get them from our authorized distributors. If you have the same problem with one of our boards, I would be happy to help you continue troubleshooting.

- Patrick