Driving servos to complete 360 degrees

I recently bought a 24 channel servo controller along with 6001HB servo. I have the USB code working and I am able to send commands to the controller using usc.setTarget(servochannel, 4000)

I cannot make the servo rotate with values below 4000 and above 8000. I thought you can turn the servos from 0 degrees till 360 degrees. but 4000 and 8000 only make it turn from 0 till 60 degrees if i am not wrong.
what do i have to do make a complete 360 degree turn. (Remember I don’t want it to continuously rotate rather swing back and forth between 0 and 360.



Standard servos are unlikely to turn more than about 180 degrees - to get 360, you need a special servo such as the GWS S125 1T 2BB Sail Winch Servo. Still, you should be able to get more than 60 degrees from that servo. To get the maximum range on a servo using the Maestro, you need to configure the minimum and maximum values using the Control Center.

I recommend temporarily setting min and max on that channel to 250us and 2750us, then gradually approaching the minimum and maximum values with the slider on the status tab, stopping as soon as the servo hits its physical limits. Then set min and max to safe values slightly within the physical range of the servo.

If you can, do these tests at a a low voltage where the servo is barely moving, so that you minimize the chance of damaging your servo by sending it past a physical limit.


Thanks paul. I just found out that my servo has a span of 90 degrees which should be enough for my purpose.
I am slowly learning about servos.