Driving a larger dc motor with a jrk controler

I have two problems to solve.

First I need to have position control and am wondering about the feedback. I know that I can use a multi turn pot for position control but was wondering if there were some way to use an encoder. The controller could go to a home position and then go back to the commanded position during start up for instance.

Second I would like to be able to use a motor with a higher stall current than the 15A that the jrk12v12 is specked for. Can the jrk be paired with another high current motor driver to accommodate this? If so do you have a recommendation?

This is a link to the specs of the motor I want to use.


Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for either of your problems. A higher-power version of the jrk 12v12 with encoder support is on our to-do list, but there’s nothing specific in progress yet, so it we’re unlikely to have anything for at least a few months.

By the way, did you call this morning asking about this sort of thing?

- Jan

No I did not call but have found a solution for the power limit. I talked to the motor supplier and was able to find a motor that would work and fit within the 15A holding current limit.

Are you saying that the position control will not work with a digital encoder?

I also noticed that you have a controller (TReX Dual Motor Controller DMC01) that can be “bridged” to provide 25A. It was not as easy to configure but the high power was tempting. I would actually like to stay under the 15A limit.

Thanks for the help.

If I were to add a heat sink to the controller would that allow for a slightly higher continuous current?

What chips should I be worried about over heating?

The Jrk motor controllers do not support quadrature encoders. I’m not sure where you got the 15A since I think we say 12A everywhere, but putting a heat sink on the motor driver (the largest chip) will help some and maybe help you get to around the 15A (I think a customer a while back had about 17A working, though I don’t know how good his measurement was). How you tune the PID settings will also affect your results a lot since switching directions all the time will make the current higher.

- Jan

Right 12A I knew that I guess I just like 15 better. Well I hope the heat sink works. I will try to give it a larger dead zone to keep it from getting the jitters. Thanks for the tips.

What encoder would you recommend? Do you sell an encoder that works with this board? If you had a nice 12A 12V motor and gear head that turned around 300 rpm it would make my day. I would settle for just the motor.

The Jrk motor controllers do not work with encoders, in the sense that you cannot get position control over unlimited number of rotations. The Jrks are typically used with potentiometer feedback, which allows for up to a few rotations when using multi-turn potentiometers. Unfortunately, we do not carry any gearmotors that are that powerful.

- Jan