Drivers for .NET Micro Framework

I just purchased a 21v3 motor controller and think it is great!
One of the main reasons i purchased this controller was that it had drivers written in C#. However the drivers i need are for a microprocessor running .NET Micro Framework… (no lists, etc. all of the good fancy stuff).
Did i miss something and have not found the drivers i need or do they not exist?
If no .NET Micro Framework drivers exist do you plan to release them? I was hoping i would not have to port the drivers to .NET Micro.
Thanks for your help…


We only provide USB drivers for Windows (the jrk also runs under Linux without a driver), and we have several C# .NET applications for configuring and using the jrk over USB that are also only compatible with Linux or Windows.

Does your .NET Micro device have a USB host port?


Paul thanks for the reply.
Yes my micro device does has USB…I looked at the example code you have online. Unfortunely it is written in .NET Framework. .Net Micro Framework does not have features like Lists and dictionaries, It is smaller to fit on a microprocessor. The .NET Micro Framework is used in embedded systems. .NET Micro Framework does not have System.Collections.Generic only System.Collections. That is why i can not use the Jrk class used in your example. I wish I could!
Any chance you could simplifiy your Jrk class?


What board are you using? I would be interested to see a link to a description of the product.

Also, why do you want the Jrk class running on your board? Are the serial commands not sufficient for what you want to do?


The board i am using is the FEZ-domino

And you may be correct that i may need only a few commands… Would you have a list of commands needed to get the controller is a state ready to run?

thanks again

Sorry I misread you last statemant. Yes i can use the serial commands. Looks like the compact commands are the way to go for me.


The idea is that you could connect to the Domino over a TTL serial port instead of by USB. On the other hand, it should certainly be possible to connect the Domino to the jrk using whatever USB library it has - but that might be hard if you have not done any USB stuff on the board before.

Unless you have an unusual application, you should do all of the configuration on a PC with our configuration utility.


CircuitPeople was able to control the Micro Maestro using the USB Host Port of his FEZ Domino (which runs the .NET Micro Framework). He used the native USB interface. It would be very similar to get the jrk working this way; you just have to change the arguments to SendSetupTransfer; if you want more details I can provide them. See the thread here:


If you take a look at a post I put up in this forum this past Monday, you will find a C# class I wrote for the Qik2s9v1 dual serial motor controller. You might have to modfiy the forward/reverse byte commands depending on your physical configuration but it should work for you.