Drivers for Micro Serial Servo Controller

Hi everyone!!!

Last week I bought a Micro Serial Servo Controller for mi Robotic Arm, but I’ve been trying to connect it using a USB wire as I saw in this video:

but in my computer appears a message advising that there’s no controller for this device.

Also, I tried connecting the RS 232 input of the controller to pin 3 (TXD) of my serial port and pin5 to the GND on the controller, but in that case my computer do not show’s any information of the device (as if it were disconnected).

Is there any method to connect the controller to my computer?
Am I making something wrong?


What the video does not explicitly say (and why you probably have not been able to make it work), is that the cable he is using is an FTDI cable, not a standard USB cable. You can use a cable like that or a USB to TTL serial converter.