Do encoders have potentiometer


Do the encoders have variable resistors?


I am looking at R2 and R5. Do these adjust the outputs for A and B? As on now my signal is only 500 mV. It used to be 5 V. Would adjusting these be a fix?


Hello Emily,

The encoders do have potentiometers, and they are described on the main product page. But what do you mean that your “signal is only 500 mV”? Do you mean that both outputs A and B alternate between 0 and 500 mV as the wheel turns? Because that would probably be caused by some kind of incorrect usage, such as setting your microcontroller inputs to be outputs by mistake, NOT by miscalibrated potentiometers. Have you tested it with A and B disconnected from everything else?


Hello Paul,

The output of the encoders are 200mv to 500mv signals. They are not very digital looking. I’ve had my encoders for 1.5 months now and they were working great until 2 weeks ago. I’ve talked to tech support quite a bit and they suggest I return them. I am getting my reading from my o’scope. I do not recall ever misusing my encoders but I suppose anything is possible.

While the signal is small, it appears somewhat accurate. But my microcontroller doesn’t measure signals that low. Also only output A works.




I probably talked to you when you called. If your encoder used to work, and now doesn’t, and one channel is still working, it’s probably damaged in a way that you won’t be able to repair, so you should just send it back for us to evaluate.

- Jan