Disable safe start on TReX?

I’m having some safe-start issues (RC, Spektrum DX6) and I’m continuing to work through them. The TReX worked with this controller last year and things have pretty much been sitting on a shelf since.

While I’m continuing to troubleshoot the issue, can someone tell me if it is possible to set none of the channels to be required and thus disable the safe-start feature?


You should be able to designate all of the channels as “not required” to avoid safe-start mode, but this doesn’t seem like a very ideal solution since the real problem sounds like unreliable channel inputs, which could lead to unintended responses from the motor controller. The controller will still set the motor speed to zero if it receives an invalid RC pulse, but the motor will resume running again as soon as the pulses become valid (you won’t have to first center the sticks like you do to get out of safe-start mode).

- Ben

Thanks Ben,

I agree it’s not an ideal situation and I won’t take it off the testing bench without the feature enabled, but I’m hopeful that it will help me diagnose the real issue. I’m hoping that I’ll see the bad inputs reflected in the motor outputs and be able to track them down to bad cables or a bad receiver. I don’t have access to a scope right now, so I’m dead in the water on troubleshooting until I can see some outputs.

You might find it more helpful to monitor the TReX Configurator utility channels tab, which displays the raw channel values in units of 0.4 us. If the last pulse received was an error or if it has been longer than 100 ms since there was activity on the channel, the raw value becomes 0xFFFF. A channel error occurs if the pulse is outside the acceptable range of 0.5 to 2.5 ms or if the pulse train frequency is outside the acceptable range of 10 to 100 Hz.

- Ben

Excellent information to have Ben! Got to get my serial connection working tonight or neither approach is going to get very far.