Disable all servos in sketch after it runs

Hello all, I have a question about adding to a sketch on a pololu maestro 12.
I’ve written a sketch ( or script ) with the help of BrandonM that uses a pir sensor to start it and that part works great. Now for my question is there any way to disable the servo motors so they don’t buzz after the sketch is finished while they wait for next motion that the pir sees so it will start the sketch all over again?

Setting the target position of any of the Maestro servo channels to 0 will disable the output on that channel. For example, 0 4 servo will disable the output on channel 4. You could try adding commands to do this for each of your servo channels at the end of your script (before the last repeat command. Please note that whether or not this disables your servo will depend on the particular servos you are using; some will continue to hold the last position they received and others will stop holding their position.


Thank you that’s good information!
I will try that.
The servos that I use are towerpro 9g and 946