Detect movement with sensor?

I need a sensor for the micro maestro that can detect movement?
The range should be around 5-6 meters.

If that is possible, what sensor should i use?

Thanks in advance.


The best sensor really depends on what kind of motion you are trying to detect. If you want to detect general motion anywhere around the sensor, you could use a PIR sensor. If you want to detect someone walking through a doorway or approaching the face of some device, you could use a range-finder such as the Sharp analog distance sensor or a sonar sensor with an analog voltage output.

- Ben

I need to detect people walking by, probably primarily inside.
It seems the best choice is the PIR movement sensor, since i want to make it monitor big stuff like a doorway or stairs and etc. Overall it just seems like a better choice.

Im not sure how to plug it into the micro maestro, are there any guides or resources about that?

Thanks in advance.


We have not tried it, but you should be able to connect the PIR sensor exactly like a button or switch.