Dead 18v15

Hi all!

First post so please be gentle!

I’m trying to use an 18v15 to supply a PWM output to a peltier module for temperature control.
I had the 18v15 hooked up to a DC PSU (12vdc/13.4A), was controlling it through usb with the Simple Motor Control Center and monitoring the motor control output with an oscilloscope (no peltier module connected yet). All was working as expected, I could change the pwm duty cycle with the speed control % bar, until I tried to move the speed controller below -30%, then was receiving communications errors. Not a big deal for my purposes, but decided to try it again to take note of the error details. At this point I lost communications with the controller and have been unable to communicate with it since. The green LED is on constantly but neither the status or error leds are lit and the Motor Control Center software can’t detect the controller. I’ve measured the voltages on the 5v and 3.3v jumper pins and the 3.3v is reading zero volts, 5v is reading 4.9v. I’ve looked at the board under a magnifier and can see no visible damage. The board did smell hot, but I didn’t see any magic smoke released.

Can anyone suggest where/what to look at on the board? I’d rather not have to start again and order another!



Looking through previous posts and trying a few things, it seems I’ve “banjoed” (technical term) the 3.3v regulator, so I’ll try an external regulator circuit and see what happens.

Hello, Ian.

I am sorry you are having trouble with your Simple Motor Controller. It sounds like something damaged it. Can you post a picture of your setup and describe your connections? Did you have the large electrolytic capacitor installed?

- Ryan