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DCV in and DCV out


Newbe here.
Am planning to use the Mini Maestro 24 channel.
Am aiming to configure to use one power supply as described in the user guide section 7.a. Powering the Maestro.
My supply will be 12VDC.
What DC voltage does the Maestro supply to the servo in this configuration?
Noting most servos are typically around 5VDC.
Thank you in advance for any help.


Hello, Bill.

As stated in the “Powering the Maestro” section in the user’s guide, the Maestro and the Servo power supplies are separate by default. The Maestro supplies 5 V servo signal to the servos, but the Maestro does not supply power for the servos. The servos have separate power rails, so you can use a power supply that suits the needs of your servos.