DC Brush Motor from Radio Shack

Should this motor work with the 18v7 SMC?
support.radioshack.com/support_s … /19832.htm

Voltage is 15.5, no faults. Trying to use the supplied windows software and everything looks good but the motor doesn’t spin.



I would expect it to work, though the stall current is probably higher than 7A which is something we recommend avoiding if you want the best reliability. Have you followed all of the instructions in the user’s guide? Can you describe your connections and power source? Can you post a picture of your setup? Have you changed any configuration parameters in the configuration utility?

- Ryan

Disregard. It was a bad solder job. All is good. Thanks.


Here are some pics of the 18v7 hack job:


The error (red) light is off, the USB (green) light is blinking and the status (amber) light is pulsating. See anything obvious?

The power supply is a wall wart with a printed output of 12V / 800mA. It usually provides 15-16V with no load.

I’ve read and re-read the users guide and am starting to wonder if the poles that I soldered into the motor control ports are shorted to something else or not fully connected. The board and software appear to be working perfectly.

Note: The motor spins when hooked directly to the power leads.