Daisy chaining

I can’t find much information about daisy chaining the motor or servo controllers together. First any information on the basic setup as to how to do this? Do I need to wire something to do the daisy chaining or is there a port on the device itself which connects one to the next? Second can you daisy chain a motor controller and servo controller on the same line?


All you need to do is connect your serial output to all of the serial inputs. All of the devices then see the same data.

For devices that have a separate RS-232 input, such as our servo controllers, the TTL serial pin becomes an output when you use the RS-232 input. So, for example, you can connect a servo controller to a PC through the RS-232 connector, and then connect the TTL serial pins of all of the devices together. The servo controller will then pass the computer commands on to the other devices.

Depending on the number of devices, data rates, and the lengths of your wires, you might need to buffer the serial signals to get sufficient reliability.

- Jan