Dagu Rover 5 other motor broken?


I’ve been using my two-motor Dagu rover 5 without problems for some time, driving it with a TrexJr driver board using serial.
Now suddenly the motor on the other side has started to behave strangely. The motor on the right side has a delay before it starts turning, and has a lot less torque than the left one.
If operated freely (not on the floor) the wheel turns, but if on the ground it stalls and the tracks on the right side don’t move at all.

  1. Are replacement motors for the dagu 5 rover available?
  2. Do you have any tips for debugging if the problem is in the motor, gearbox or TrexJr driver?

I haven’t changed my code at all, and I’m sending a combined command for both motors, so I’m fairly confident it’s not a software issue.


Unfortunately, we do not have any replacement motors available for that chassis. You might test the motor by connecting it directly to the battery pack to see if it exhibits the same behavior. You could also swap the two motors connections on the TReX to see if the problem follows the motors, or the channel on the TReX controller.