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D24V150F12 Not Outputing 12Volts

I just received this regulator in the mail a few days ago, and I’m trying to test it out right now. I’m not getting any voltage on the VOUT. I do get my batteries voltage on the VIN though. I even tried putting a 100Ohm resistors to see if it needed a load, but still 0V. Are the grounds connected internally? Or do I have to solder the grounds together? I’m only using the VIN and VOUT, I’m not touching the logic portion at this moment (e.g en, pg). Thanks for any help!


I’m sorry you are having trouble with your regulator. The grounds are all connected internally, and you should not need to do anything with the EN and PG pins. As a test though, could you try measuring the voltage on the EN pin and then connecting it to a 5V source and seeing if the regulator starts working? Could you post pictures of your setup that show your connections including the solder joints? What type of battery are you using?


Hi, thank you for responding! So a new issue has come about since yesterday. I can’t connect the battery without sparks happening, and I’ve done nothing since then. I am guessing something just went wrong with fabrication of this chip. Here are the pictures of how I’m connecting the battery, which is a 4S lipo. The end of the wires are a XT-30 female connector.

I have no trouble taking responsibility when I damage a chip with improper handling, but I honestly can’t see how I would have damaged this chip by just plugging in the battery. Is there any reason the battery is now shorting?

We test every unit, so it was likely working at some point, but if the input pins of the regulator are shorted now, it is probably damaged. I do not see any obvious indications from your description so far of what might have damaged it, but it could have been something subtle and inadvertent, like electrostatic discharge.

We will reach out to you by email to work out the details of a replacement.


I got the replacement in the mail, and I am able to get a 12 volt reading this time, but it sparks every time i connect it. Just seems really dangerous. Is this suppose to be happening?


I merged this post with the thread we were troubleshooting in before since it seems like you are using the new regulator in the same setup.

If you are still using a 4s LiPo to power your regulator, the 15V input could cause a spark when connecting it while the regulator is enabled. Something that might help is holding the EN pin low until everything is connected since that will eliminate any draw from the load and regulator IC. Unfortunately, you still might get sparks since when the regulator is first connected to power the input capacitors on the board have to charge, so they will cause an initial current spike. What kind of connector are you using to make and break the connection?

This is not something I had thought of before, but it seems possible that sparks like this could have caused the damage on your first board. Do you remember seeing sparks the first few times you connected it?