Current Output Sensors


I am a PhD student working on circuit design. I wanted to check if there are any sensors that give current as an output instead of voltage. I do realize that you can put a resistance on the output of any voltage out sensor. But that is not what I am looking for. I want sensors that inherently give current as an output for e.g. Photodiodes give current as an output.

Thanks for the help

Manu Rastogi


What are you trying to sense?

- Ryan

Anything under the sun. The idea is that I have a back-end processing chip I am working on, which can work on any kind of sensor data as long as the input to this chip is current instead of voltage. Any sensor is good for me as long as the output is current.

There are a lot of motor driver chips available that have a “feedback” or “current sense” which sources an amount of current proportional to the amount of current going through the motor, for example the VNH2SP30 and MC33926.


Thanks a lot for the information. Are there any other sensors (light, pressure, humidity, etc. ) that give the output as current.