Crimpin Pololu pins to Wires

Help. I just received the package of 100 female pins from Pololu to crimp to the wiring of my new 2.4 GHz transmitter I am building. However, Pololu does not yet sell a crimp tool for these pins. Jan from Pololu told me that quite a few sets of these pins have been sold so you may have an answer to my questions; How do I attach the pins to the wiring without a proper crimp tool? Will needle nose pliers work? If you have a proper crimp tool what brand is it and where did you purchase it?

Thank you.


We have a crimping tool available now:

  • Jan

I am curious as to the size of this crimping tool. I’ve never been able to find one small enough to crimp these connectors well, so I’ve always used needle nose pliers. Will these crimp just the small flaps of the connectors at a time and then used again for the larger part that wolds onto the shielding? If they are that small then the handles must be small and the whole picture makes them look bigger.
A picture of them with some of those pins would be a great help.

The crimping tool is a bit under 8 inches long. In the picture in my earlier post, you can see that there are two separate metal plates in the jaws, and they have slightly different cutouts for the bare wire and insulated portions of the pin to get crimped at the same time. The results are not as good as what the automated machines give us for our pre-crimped wires, but they are much better and quicker than what one typically gets with needle nose pliers.

- Jan