Could you comment on my Line Maze algorithm article?

I am developing a comprehensive article about how to solve a line maze. It includes the problem, photos, videos of fast maze solvers and details of the line maze algorithms. You can see it at:

I am choosing to use pseudocode so that hobyists can use it with BOE-Bot, 3PI or any other microcontroller/robot combination. Eventually, I will post BOE-Bot and 3PI source code.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have that will help me make this the best line maze algorithm article it can be. Thank you.


Your article looks good so far. I look forward to seeing the rest of it! One part that I found a little confusing was your statement:

“If the maze has no islands, or areas in the maze that are not connected to any of the walls in your vacinity, then the left-hand rule will always get you to the end of the maze.”

I’m not sure how best to phrase this, but the hand-on-the-wall strategy will work if the maze contains no loops. A loop is a path that lets one return to a point he has already visited without any backtracking. If a maze has a loop, the hand-on-the-wall strategy can lead to an endless cycle around this loop.

- Ben

Great article so far! I think the pictures and video help to really understand the situation.
Looking forward to reading the rest of it! :smiley: