Conversion of degrees to absolute angle

I understand that the range of absolute angles on the Pololu Serial Converter is between 500 and 5500, with middle at 3000. How do I convert simple degrees ( 0 - 180) to absolute value?


Can you tell me exactly what product you are referring to?


The Micro Serial Servo Controller (ssc03a). While I can directly control servos, I am trying to hook it to a Uno for use in the Airsoft turret gun using the SoftwareSerial library. When I run the script the controller flashes the green LED at baud rate and the red LED either stays lit or flashes. I’m thinking it may be the parameters are wrong as the turret processing software passes position in degrees (I think).

I’ve tried map angle (angle,0,180,500,5500); but it results in solid red LED.

When the red LED is lit, there is generally a problem with the serial signals the board is receiving. If you post the simplest version of the code you are using that shows the problem, I can take a look to see if I spot any obvious issues.