Controlling with FPGA?


I use VHDL to descripe the hardware in FPGA’s. I can directly controll the servos, but it is better to use a extern controller, because of the power and Voltage.

I like the Pololu Controller. I used it one time for a project on PC. I want to use it with the FPGA direktly.

Is it possiple? I could not find any informations about this topic here. Please help.


It is not clear what controller you are referring to. Could you tell me what product you are referring to?

- Jeremy

I mean the Maestro Servo Controllers

The Maestro accepts serial commands for controlling servos, so if your FPGA can generate TTL serial signals, you might be able to control servos with it.

Alternatively, you could run a script on the Maestro and have it execute a predefined sequence of servo movements when it is triggered by a digital output from your FPGA by using one of the channels on the Maestro as an input. If you try this, you might find the “Using a button or switch to control servos” example script from the Maestro user’s guide useful.

- Jeremy

Thank you