Controlling wave sequence via rc input

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I’m new to this stuff to control servos via control board. Therefore, I need help to create a system that can get x number of servos to make a wave motion. I imagine that wave sequence can be programmed and uploaded to a control card. Waves height / length and speed must be controlled by the signal from a RC receiver. Just like you can control the speed and direction on a rc car

Which hardware do I need to look at? and where do I start?

I’ve been using my Maestro with RC projects recently. There’s a few things you will need to do.
First off, you need to get the RC Switch because the Maestro doesn’t read the RC Pulse signals.
Once you get that hooked up, you’ll be able to see the signal coming from the radio in the maestro interface. You then will need to make sequences of the different waves you want and each of those segments of the script should be labeled for example “tall wave loop:” so that you can call on that loop at the specific RC values. You’ll need to then script and IF statement for the channel you’re using as the input and what value makes it do what. I don’t really know how to explain it all that well without showing you but I hope that helps a little.


There is a thread on our forum about triggering a sequence of servo movements from one of our RC switches, which might help you get started.

You might also consider using a microcontroller instead of an RC switch to read your RC signals and send commands via TTL serial to the Maestro.

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I think I understand what you’re trying to say. But as I understand it the RC switch has only two states, so I would not be able to-use this approach to select among three or more routines based on my control stick position. is that correct?

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If I choose Arduino Uno R3 is it then possible to select multiple routines from my control stick position? if that is correct how do I connect the Arduino to my rc receiver.

Should I add more to the hardware list?

Arduino Uno R3
The six-channel Micro Maestro

Yes, you can use a microcontroller (like the Arduino Uno R3) to select multiple routines based on your control stick position. The number of connections from your RC receiver to your Arduino depends on the number of receiver channels that you are reading from. You would need to ground your Arduino and RC receiver together and connect the signal wire from each channel you want to read. You would also need to supply power to your receiver either through an external power source or directly from your Arduino. You might find this page on how to read an RC receiver with an Arduino useful.

As for your hardware list, I cannot think of anything else that you might need to add to your system other than a power supply and servos. Also, to answer the question you had directed to Cade, you are right; the RC switch has only two states, which limits you to two behaviors you can select with it.

- Amanda