Controleur pololu maestro 24 caneaux

Bonjour a tous je me permet de vous contacter car j aimerais avoir de l aide concernent le controleur pololu 24 caneaux j aimerais la connecter a une arduino uno le souci ses que je trouve nul par des shémat pour la raconter ni méme des firmwayre pour sont fonctionnement pouvais vous m aider svp

Hello, gabriel.

Thank you for your interest in our products. Unfortunately, we only offer assistance in English. A distributor near you might be able to offer you help in another language.

I am sorry we cannot answer your current request. Please post again if you can communicate in English.


ok allor I would speak in English via google translateen féte I wonder if anyone could help me see how I could connect my controller pololu maestro 24 channels on an arduino uno cordially thank you.

You can find a link to our Maestro library for Arduino in the “Arduino library” section of the Maestro’s user’s guide. The GitHub page we link to has the serial pins used by our example sketches listed in the “Hardware” section of that page for each of the supported Arduino boards (which include the Uno).