Control Mecanum Wheels With ESP32 WiFi Shield


I’m working on a project that will have a robot navigate a time-constrained maze. I need the robot to move precisely, thus it’ll have four mecanum wheels.

I’ll be making use of an ESP32 module to enable WiFi, and I will use WiFi to control the robot from an Android-designed mobile application.

I’m seeking for anything that has to do with this project, such as a mecanum wheel control circuit schematic. I’m considering using ESP32 programming for WiFi control and an Android application.



We do not carry any mecanum wheels, ESP32 modules, or WiFi modules, but you should be able to use some of our components (e.g. gearmotors, motor drivers, programable controllers, etc) in a robot like that.

My understanding is that to achieve high accuracy with mecanum wheels, you need to be able to precisely control the speed of each of your motors relative to each other, at least for autonomous robots. Since brushed DC motors typically have a fair amount of unit-to-unit variation, that would probably require using motors with quadrature encoders to do closed-loop speed control. However, that might not be as necessary if your robot is controlled remotely and can account for any error on-the-fly.


Hi Brandon,

Thank you very much for your assistance. I’ll check out the components you linked and see how I could use them for my design. I’m truly grateful.

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