Control ESC

I’m having some problems controlling an ESC with the 12 channel maestro controller.
I’ve disabled the BEC and connected it but when I move the sliders in the control center, the motor moves, but it seems confused. It just randomly moves backwards and forwards. Is this to do with the baud rate? I can’t see any mention of it in the manual the ESC came with.


Does your ESC work when connected to an RC receiver, or do you have any way of testing it? I am guessing that you have some kind of a power supply problem - what specifically are you power supply, ESC, and motor? Maybe if you could describe “randomly” a little more it would help. For example, if you keep the Maestro position constant, does it still randomly move backwards and forwards?

The baud rate has nothing to do with it.


What was happening was that even when I kept the position constant it went back and forward like the signals were all wrong.
Surprisingly though I just tried it again and everything worked fine! Moving the slider left and right perfectly controls the motor speed.
Perhaps last time I connected things wrong but whatever the problem was it seems to have fixed itself. Now onto the programming…