Control and flow mechanics

  1. How I can calculate the flow mechanics forces that operated on the wafer?
    How I can calculate the stress, forces and torques that are permit to put on a wafer that his thickness is 100 microns and his width is 10 meter and his length is 10 meter.
    The wafer is from the family of semiconductor material.
    This is important that will not appear any deformation on the wafer.
    What stresses are more or less important from this list in this case and why?
    Stretching, pressing, shearing, twist, bending, sinking and collapse.
    After I can calculate the permit (the maximum permit) of the stress, forces and torques I want to understand how to control this.
    What kind of forces sensors and torques sensors to detect the touch have?
    It is important don’t touch the wafer in the process of producing it, so the sensors need to feel without to touch.

  2. What is the connection between this gripper that is in the website that I added and Bernoulli equation and \ or aerodynamics of wings of airplane? … Processing

  3. I search information about accuracies sprinklers, with these sprinkles build these wafers.
    What is the connection between sprinkle and flow mechanics?

  4. I search after information about ways to cold the solar panel.
    I know that there is one way to do it with hydraulic control system, but I don’t know a lot of this and I will glad to know more about this.

I will glad to receive relevant links that are related to these topics.

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