Control an invenscience servomotor with arduino


I want control an invenscience servomotor with PWM signal from arduino mega, Is this possible? I have already an arduino board which control 2 servo motors and 4 actuator. before I used a GWS giant, but it has not enough torque to move the mechanical part. So I want to replace it with invenscience servo motor but i’m afraid to be obliged to make big changes in my programme or add a jrk controller.


Hi, Nora.

The Invenscience Torxis servo uses the same standard RC signals as the GWS giant servo, so you should not have to modify your code if it is directly replacing the GWS servo. The power requirements will probably be different, so you should be sure you are supplying enough power for the new servo.

The Torxis servo uses a jrk motor controller configured to accept standard RC servo pulses, so you do not need to get another jrk to control it.