Control a relay switch through the Maestro


I have a relay switch set up between a 24V battery and a brushed motor.
I wish to control that relay switch from the Maestro control center, how can it get done? (which values and configuration should i use)
I also attached a picture of the relay switch.


Hello, Eran.

I do not know exactly how your particular relay switch operates. The Maestro can provide digital outputs (HIGH or LOW) or standard RC hobby servo pulse outputs (you can read more about this signaling method in the Electrical characteristics of servos and introduction to the servo control interface post on our blog).

Once you determine the signaling method your relay requires, you can read more about how to configure your Maestro for different types of output in the “Channel Settings” section of the Maestro user’s guide, which is linked to on the “Resources tab” of any of our Maestros’ product pages.