Control 256 servo's


I have a spec to control 256 servo’s, they don’t need to have a ridiculous refresh rate, but they do need to move in unison in the sense that, if i request to move servo 1 and 200 at the same time, they should move in unison with minimal latency.

I’ve seen the usb Maestro boards and other pwm expanders, but am unsure if these will realistically work well in unison.

Do you have any advice or carrier boards that might solve my problem?



We moved your post to our Servo controllers and servos subforum, which seemed more appropriate.

The Maestro servo controller does not really have a feature for making servos move simultaneously, but if the travel distance, speed and acceleration limits are picked carefully for the two servo channels on the Maestro, you can synchronize the movements of the two servos. To control the amount of servos in your project, you would need to daisy-chain at least eleven Mini Maestro 24-channel boards. You can look at the “Daisy Chaining” section in the Maestro’s user’s guide for more information (if you have not already done so).

- Amanda