Connecting with USB camera

Hello Everybody,
I am trying to set a web camera(USB2.0) on my robot which based on Orangutan X2 (ATmega644P), But I am confused about interface problem, which means how can I make connecting camera to controller?
Any help would be appreciated .
Thank you

Sorry, the Orangutan X2 has no support for connecting to other USB devices. You can only connect it to USB hosts, such as your PC.

You might try using the mbed development board as your controller. It can be USB host and connect to USB devices, but I can’t find any libraries or example code for mbed + USB webcam. If you get an mbed you would probably have to write some low-level USB drivers to connect to your camera.

An easier route for you would be to get a camera with a TTL serial interface. Such a camera could probably be connected to your Orangutan X2 or an mbed. There are two such cameras listed on the mbed cookbook page and there are mbed libraries available for interfacing with those cameras. The mbed has higher performance compared to the Orangutan X2 so it will be better for video processing.


Thanks, David, I decided to buy a TTL camera firstly which you recommend .