Connecting MC33926 carrier to the Basic Stamp

Hi Ben and Ryan:

It has been very difficult for me to understand the instructions.

My english is not good and I appreciate a lot if you could post
here a diagram or schematics.

Do you have a diagram or schermatics in order to understand
how to connect the MC33926 to an Arduino or to a B.Stamp ?

Thanks, Joe

Hi, Joe.

I split your post into a new topic because it covers a different microcontroller. Unfortunately, we do not have a schematic of connecting the MC33926 to an Arduino or Basic stamp. Can you try drawing a schematic in a paint program on your computer (you can use pictures of the boards as a starting point)? I would be happy to review your picture to make sure your plan is good before you actually start making connections.

Please note we are planning to release an Arduino shield based on two MC33926s. We hope to have it for sale in the next couple weeks, so you might want to hold off if you haven’t bought the MC33926 carrier yet.

- Ryan

We just released our Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino. Enjoy!

- Ryan