Connecting Low-Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller


I have Low-Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller and I am attempting to make the wire connections with the motor and batteries. What gauge wire should I be using? I have 14 awg stranded wire which I read was rated to 5 amps. This wire is 2-3 times the diameter of the pin outs on the board. How am I suppose to make the connection? Is it possible to use a higher gauge wire?



There are many kinds of ratings, and you can easily (and safely) get 5 amps through a 22-gauge wire in the typical applications for your motor controller (e.g. not in an extreme environment, wires are not in big bundles, etc.). The PCB holes can take 20 gauge pretty easily, and you can get 18 to fit with a bit more difficulty (make sure one of the many strands doesn’t short across to an adjacent pad).

- Jan