Connecting A4988 to mach3 throught a chiness parallel breakout board

I am having a problem Connecting pololu driver A4988 to parallel breakout board , i have checked the supply for motors , the supply for the driver , i shared the ground and checked the pins number on mach3 .
So is no one having an idea ?!


We do not make the Mach3, so we are not very familiar with connecting the A4988 to it. I recommend you contact the manufacturer of that board to look into what the issue could be. By the way, some devices that use the A4988 and other drivers tend to not mention setting the current limit on them. We recommend watching this video, which covers that.


ridiculo, nao trata-se de amperagem e sim conexoes como ligar, ja esta na hora da pololu se familializar com o mach 3 .