Connecting 2 18V15 USB


How should I connect 2 18V15 USB to one TTL port? I know I can give them unique device ID’s so it should be possible.



This is explained in detail in the chaining section of the User’s Guide.


Hi Paul,

Thanks, I was expecting a kind of Qik manual but its still getting better at Pololu :slight_smile:



I don’t understand your last comment about the qik manual. Can you explain?

- Ben

I think the manual of the Simple Motor Controller 18v15 is better then the manual of the Qik. I think that the manual of the 18v15 is newer then the Qik so Pololu is working on her quality and things are getting better at Pololu. I like that :slight_smile:

BTW not saying that the Qik manual was not good …

Thanks for the clarification, and I’m glad to hear you like the new Simple Motor Controller manual. I thought you might be saying you thought the qik manual was better, in which case I’d want more feedback about what would make the manual better for you.

- Ben