Connect PWM 24V to Jrk21v3

How to connect jrk21v3 control mode “pulse width” to the automation system operating at a voltage 24 Vdc. I used optocoupler, I do not know how to connect an output optocoupler inputs jrk21v3?
The attached sketch connections.


The jrks can be controlled from a hobby radio control (RC) pulse width interface. The signal would be connected to the jrk’s RX pin (and all devices in that system should share a common ground). You can learn more about that method of control under the “Input Options” section of the jrk’s user’s guide, which you can find under the “Resources” tab of the jrk’s product page If your automation system and external circuitry will output a 5V signal that resembles hobby RC pulses, you could control the jrk motor controllers with it.

By the way, I am not sure how you plan to power your jrk or what your 24V source is, but please note that the jrk’s maximum input voltage is 28V, and a fully-charged 24V battery can exceed 28V.