Connect ESC to the Maestro

I am doing a project on an RC boat, I have a ESC, brushless motor and LiPo that i recently purchased.
I wish to control the ESC through the maestro instead from the receiver as it usually get done in RC models.

How can i determine the values to increase/decrease the motor RPM from the maestro control center?
what is the the value on which the ESC start responding?


Hello, Eran.

The ESC signal range is probably close to a standard RC signal range, which uses pulse widths of 1.0ms to 2.0ms. You could probably pinpoint the range through testing by moving the slider bar for the servo channel connected to your ESC under the “Status” tab in the Maestro Control Center. (By default 1.5ms is neutral, or 1500.) By moving the slider bar, you can find the neutral point as well as the direction. When the target position is set closer to the neutral point, the motor should decrease in speed and it should increase when the position moves closer to one end of the range.

By the way, it might be as straight forward to use the Maestro to control an ESC as just connecting their signal lines. Each ESC could be different, so it is hard to say how your ESC will react, but you might find it helpful to read the “Fan ESC initialization code” section in this blog post, which one of our engineers wrote about his experience getting an ESC to work with servo signals.

- Amanda