Connect dual motor controller direct to pc


I just recently bought a couple Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller’s and also the Pololu Deluxe Serial Adapter. I am hoping to bypass the need for a microcontroller by having the motor controllers controlled directly by the pc.

I set it all up for a test run and couldn’t get the computer to turn on the motor. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Plugged in Serial Adapter to computer, and connected pins 6 and 7 (DSR & RTS)
  2. Linked GND pin from serial adapter to negative of power supply to 1st pin on motor controller/
  3. connected positive to power supply.

(Here’s where i think i am incorrect)
4. Connected reset line through a 4.7kohm resistor to positive of same power supply.

  1. connected pin 3 (TX) of serial adapter to pin 4 (serial control input) of motor controller

  2. connected motors

How far off am I?


You might want to consider using one of the handshaking lines to reset the motor controller. The serial adapter needs to get powered, too. You need 5V for the serial adapter, and if you don’t have that available elsewhere, you can get it off of the motor controller. The user guide shows the points that have 5V on them.

- Jan

Thanks for your help, what point accepts the 5V power on the Deluxe Serial Adapter?

The Vcc pin.

- Jan