Compatible motor drivers

I am looking for a motor driver that can power an electric wheelchair motor that is rated 24v, 350watts continuous and a peak of 1000watts. The “Pololu G2 High-Power Motor Driver 24v21” looks like it could work but the peak current is significantly under peak 1000watt motors requirements. Does Pololu have any drivers that can support this motor, especial any with over current protection.


We generally recommend choosing a motor driver that can continuously handle the stall current of your motor. From the peak power rating on the motor, it looks like your motor can draw a upwards of 44A at 22.5V. You might consider the either the RoboClaw 2x45A or 2x60A. The RoboClaws have an automatic current limiting feature, which you can see more about on the RoboClaw controller’s respective product pages.