Since I installed Pololu and their coms drivers … Arduino boards are no longer detected on my computer.
Anyone knows anything about it?



Are you using one of the Maestro servo controllers? If not, which Pololu device are you having trouble with? Can you provide more details about your setup (e.g. what Arduino boards are you using and what operating system is your computer running) and the process you went through? Can you post a link to the drivers you downloaded and installed for your Pololu device?

- Amanda

It was my usb ports from the laptop they got burnt because the Pololu board i connect was with the pin in closed ciurcuit by default. I gave realize after connectin it and smelling hot plastic inside the laptop…

We make hundreds of different products, so just talking about your board as a “Pololu” is not helpful. Can you be specific about which product you are using and how you were using it, and can you post some pictures of your setup?

- Amanda

It is a 12 channel pololu servo controller