College project

Hi, I am doing a college research project. and I was wondering if I was to post a small questionaire would anyone be willing enough to fill it out please. Thank you very much.

  1. Which forum, message board or group do you belong to?
  2. Country of robotics practise?
  3. What is your current age?
  4. How many years have you currently been interested in the hobby of robotics
  5. Which website(s)/ shop(s) do you purchase your robotics hobby materials
  6. What is your weekly budget for robotics hobby materials
  7. How much are you willing to spend on specialist equipment, for instance a 3D Printer or a CNC Router?
  8. Have you seen a difference in the amount of people interested in the robotics hobby over the past 3 years?
  9. If yes to above how would you describe the growth Slow, Medium or Rapid?
  10. What attracted you to start or rekindle your interest in robotics?
  11. How many hours a week do spend practising robotics?
  12. Is there a need for a 3D printer in your field of hobby?
  13. If yes to the above question, how much are you willing to spend on such equipment?
  14. When was the last time you spent over £150 pounds on robotics materials?

Thank you very much for filling this out.