CNC work design for bedroom

Hi all

I am thinking of making some wooden storage boxes for my children’s bedroom. I was looking at sliding lid opening but a little unsure how these are made. I saw some examples on this site but couldn’t find any plans.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

These sliding lid style boxes are a lot easier to make with a CNC router than with a laser cutter.

Laser engraving is generally suitable for marking materials, but I do not recommend it for making deep grooves for mechanical purposes. (It adds a lot of machine time and the results won’t be as good as what you would get from a CNC router, or even a circular saw.)

If you want to stick to using a laser cutter, you might consider wood-gluing two layers of plywood together for each wall, where the interior pieces have through-cut grooves and slots cut to accept the sliding lid. This would likely costs less, and would work better, than doing deep laser-engraved grooves. I’ve included a quick mockup image below for reference.

I hope this helps!