Closed loop ESC (with feedback)

I am using the Pololu Simple High-Power Motor Controller 24v23 which is working very well thank you, but my application requires that the speed of the four motors be coordinated, and I am finding that even though the controller settings are the same for each motor, the motor speeds are varying too much. I am wondering if you offer an ESC with feedback so that I can more precisely coordinate the speed of all of the motors?

Hello, hvelo.

Motors, even of the same model, tend to have some variance in speed. If your requirements are not strict, you might be able to characterize the motors and adjust your speed commands or controller settings accordingly. If a closed-loop system is necessary, the most powerful motor controller with feedback we have at this time is the Pololu jrk 12v12 USB motor controller with feedback. It supports tachometer feedback for speed control (you would need to provide and connect the tachometer).

- Ryan