Choosing the best 25D motor question

Hi, I need to choose the best 25D motor for my competitive robot. They will be run by 3 vnh2sp30 motor drivers, arduino PWM and a 12V battery so I am aiming at the HP motors. I really need the most speed/torque possible, since speed and torque are really important in my competition.
The best I could find is the 9.7:1 25D 12V HP metal gearmotor (speed and torque at 12V: 1030 rpm and 44oz-in)
My question was: "what if i take the 6V HP version and overvoltage it?"
That would mean a wayy higher speed and torque than the 12V version since at 6V it’s already at 990 rpm and 39 oz-in.
I know it would reduce its lifespan, but am i correct?
I don’t have money problems since I can buy a lot of them and replace if they get broken.
I would like to know if that thing is possible, and if i can still control the motor via pwm without having any problem on low and high duty cycles.
I will reply to everyone, so write your own opinion!
12V HP


Yes, you can get proportionally more torque and speed from brushed DC gearmotors by powering them with a higher voltage than their rated voltages. However, as you also pointed out, this will shorten the gearmotor’s lifetime, and the higher the voltage, shorter the lifetime will be. Also, increasing the voltage puts the gearmotor at increased risk for sudden, catastrophic failure if it encounters large loads (the 6V HP 25D motors are already pushing it in terms of how much power you can get from a motor of that size). You might consider exploring if there’s a good middle ground where you cap your maximum duty cycle at an average voltage of say, 9V (something more than 6V but less than the full 12V you’re getting from your battery).

Ultimately, if you’re fine with potentially destroying some gearmotors, you might try it and see if it works well enough to get you through your competition. Please let us know how it goes if you do try it!