Change of speed servo

Hello everybody. Could you help me please? I purchased the Maestro 18. I can not figure out how to adjust the servo speed. Servo is turned too fast. Can I fix this in the settings Maestro Control Center? Or is there any command that I can use in your code (python)


If you just want to slow the servo down, but do not need the speed to change between servo movements, you can adjust the default speed setting for each Maestro channel under the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center. If you want to have the servo change speeds between movements, you can use the “Set Speed” serial command. Once you set the speed for a particular channel using the “Set Speed” command, it will persist until you set a new one or power cycle the Maestro. For more details about that command, see the “Serial Servo Commands” section in the Maestro User’s Guide.

- Amanda