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ey everyone,

Thank you for taking a look at this and helping me out. I need advice on what types of motors I should use for this application. I have put the key items in bold so you can skim through this without having to reading everything.

I am creating a flip-out screen for my car GPS (I am tired of my windshield mount GPS being stolen). It will be hidden in my dash when the car is turned off, when the car is turned on it will flip up and when turned off it will return to a hidden position.


  1. 12V DC Current, both need to activate in one direction when the car is turned on and return the other direction when the car is turned off. To do this on a DC motor it would just reverse the current. What kind of switch would this be?

  2. I need the one motor to travel 90 degrees in a few seconds (two or three seconds). This will make the screen go from parallel with the ground to a viewing angle.

  3. The second motor needs is to travel a few inches in roughly the same amount of time, doesn’t have to be exact. Same situation with the car power on and off, but the problem I’m running into is how to set the limits of travel. A friend suggested an infra-red beam that is broken etc. Also, what RPM is suggested for the motor? I was planning on using a belt to move the bottom of the screen from the back of the housing to the front.

  4. Some sort of electrical delay. So if I put the ignition in the on (without engine started) and then start the engine a few seconds later, the unit will not flip up, then down suddenly, then up immediately. This is not the biggest issue, but would be nice.

I need help with what kind of motors to use (Step Motors, Brushed vs Brushless Motors, Limited Angle Torque Motor, etc), do I need an encoder, what kind of switch is needed. It will not be moving a lot of weight…two or three pounds max.

I have a few sites that I have been researching below. Thank you for your help!

- Alex

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Site 2) []
Site 3) []


I don’t know much about car electronics so I won’t comment on that part of your project. For flipping the screen 90 degrees, a standard hobby servo might work really well.

- Ryan