Can you trigger a sequence from a RC servo out?

Question on the USB maestro servo controller.

Newbie here… so be nice…

Can you use the output of one channel of your RC RX straight into the servo controller as an input or would I have to have some other switch?

Is it possible to set up say 5 servos that run a sequence and have that sequence triggered by having your RC remote go high or low? Or even have 2 different sequences where if your RC channel 1 goes high it does one sequence and goes low it does a different sequence? So stick up and it does a little show, and stick down it does a different show? Hope this makes sense?

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Jamie McShan

The Maestro inputs are slow analog inputs that are not useful for measuring RC pulses. If you want a quick solution, you could use our RC Switch, or if you want to program something more complicated, look into our Orangutan Robot Controllers, which have servo input and output capabilities.



I think Paul’s reply did not make it that clear that you could use our RC switch with the Micro Maestro to do exactly what you’re describing. However, the RC switch only has two states, so you wouldn’t be able to use this approach to select among three routines based on your control stick position.

- Jan

Thanks, yes I understand. I have decided to just trigger it from a separate RF remote as a digital switch, now I just need to figure out how to code it all up.

I see that you can create a sequence of frames and then export that sequence to a script, I guess the next thing is to write something that will listen for the button press and then run the sequence. Any help on that code and what it would look like?

Sure. Press the “Copy all sequences to script” button, and you will get a subroutine for each of your saved sequences. You can call it just by typing the subroutine name at the appropriate place in your script.

For example, if you want to run the sequence motion1 whenever a input 0 goes low, put this code above the subroutine definitions:

  0 get_position 512 less_than # check whether input 0 is less than 512
  if                           # if so, run the subroutine motion1

This could be a good starting point, but I can imagine a lot of ways that you might want to modify it!

Thanks for your help. I got it working. Here is a little video of how it turned out.


Wow! So what was the RF switch that you used in the end, and how did you sync up the music and light effects with the servo motion?


I am just using a simple RF 12 channel remote that I bought off ebay. It has NO/NC options. So it was easy to wire up an input on the maestro to have it kick off the script.

As for the syncing of the music… that’s just me pressing button 11 first then button 12 to start the servos… sorry no magic on that… :slight_smile:

Your servo controller is really great and for only $25… a steal. I hope to do more automation on my R2 using them.