Can you read the configuration of SMC05A

The title of the post says it all.

It is easy to re-write the configuration of the controller, but is it possible to read the configuration?

I recently had an experience where the battery voltage got low and the robot got a little “twitchy” for 30 seconds or so before I powered him off.
When he went back online with fresh battery’s he “forgot” how to spin (Motor 0 forward, Motor 1 reverse).
Sending the configuration command to the controller “fixed” the problem.
I’d like to be able as part of his normal power up self test to check to see if his motor controller is in the right mode before he leaves his charging station.


Unfortunately, there is not way to directly read the configuration (the motor controller has no outputs besides the motor outputs). If you’re okay with using the lights and motors for feedback, you can write a little standard test sequence that you run to confirm the settings.

- Jan


From reading the system documentation and looking at the component schematics it didn’t seem that there would be a way but it never hurts to ask. Hardware developers sometime put in “back doors”.

BTW great company. I have been pleased and impressed with every transaction and interaction I have had with Pololu.


Thanks for the feedback. Some of our products certainly have those back doors, but more importantly, newer products just have better designs with features like what you are asking for. The SMC05A is one of our oldest products: it’s running code from 2001 or so, when an 8-pin microcontroller was still kind of novel. The qik is our second-generation dual serial motor controller, and it addresses many of the shortcomings of the original design. Unfortunately, we have not made the low-voltage version yet.

- Jan